How do you work out the cost of a clearance ?

  1. We calculate the labour cost.
  2. We calculate the cost of rubbish disposal.
  3. We calculate the value from the sale of your items.
This will result in us paying you, or you paying us, or a break even situation.

What if i have nothing of value in the property ?

Then we would charge for labour and rubbish disposal, however we keep this to a minimum by recycling or donating to charity.

What happens to items once they have been removed ?

We have a recycle rate of between 85%-90% through either selling,donating to charity or just recycling through the environmental agency channels.

Can you deliver some items to other members of our family ?

Yes we carry out this service nationwide.

Are you licensed to carry and dispose of waste ?

Yes we are, please email us and we will provide a copy of our environment agency license.

Can you clean the property to enable us to put it on the market ?

Yes we are able to quote for a cleaning service.

Which charities do you support ?

We use Cancer Research and the Open Door, however we are happy to use a charity that you prefer.

Why should I use Anglia House Clearance ?

We aim to provide a value for money service and to recycle as much as possible in the process.

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